“Endearing and indecent… Creative and funny… [Hulin’s] writing excels in its ability to make the twins appealing. The email-exchange format leaves the reader feeling closely connected to the characters… Humorous and intimate… A novel as remarkably witty as it is frightful." 


“Laugh-out-loud funny….Visual cues seem integral to Hulin’s project—Matilda illustrates feelings with diagrams, and photographs separate each section…. an entertaining caper and a thought-provoking look at family, memory, and the complexities of love.”

–Publishers Weekly


Hey Harry Hey Matilda follows the story of Harry and Matilda Goodman, 30-something paternal twins from New England. The novel follows their correspondence as they fumble through adulthood and their romantic feelings for one another. And it’s told through single-photo posts on Instagram.
Hey Harry Hey Matilda” follows a pair of twins with a secret: They are in love.
Rachel isn’t one to shy away from trying new things with her photography. Her most recent endeavor, Hey Harry Hey Matilda, is her most innovative idea yet.




Hulin wasn’t setting out to reinvent the genre, she cautions: she spent a year crafting this novel, and that work matters more to her than the novelty of how she’s publishing it. But it’s given her an audience that’s unusual for first-time literary fiction, and an experience that’s unheard of for a first-time novelist.
Hey Harry, Hey Matilda is an epistolary novel of correspondence between the title siblings, who share the mundane details of their lives, reflections on their childhood and concerns about the future. A strange intensity courses through their conversations—is it sexual tension, or just the incredible closeness of twins?